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Trenbolon Phoenix Trenmax 250


TRENMAX 250 is a powerful steroid that promotes rapid gains in muscle mass and strength. Athletes love it for its excellent results with complete lack of aromatisation. Trenbolone enanthate course leads not only to muscle growth, but also to fat burning. The effect is achieved by stimulating the production of growth hormone.

ACTION Trenbolone enanthate (TRENMAX 250)

Initially, the drug, like all other steroids, was used for medicinal purposes The difference is that it was used to increase appetite in animals. However, the properties of the drug attracted the attention of athletes and today Trenbolone enanthant is the course more often used specifically in sports. Trenbolone enanthant is a modification of Nandrolone, which is popular in bodybuilding. An important property of the drug is in the absence of aromatisation. The course of steroid allows you to gain high-quality and dry muscle mass, so the rollback at the end of the course will be minimal. At the same time, the strength of the athlete increases significantly. It is important to correctly select the necessary dosage of the drug, as the probability of side effects depends on it. Often overdoses of steroid become the cause of acne, testicular atrophy and even baldness. This drug is used both for gaining mass and for drying out the already gained mass.

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