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Trenbolon Mix Omega Meds

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Omega Meds Tren Complex are good grade trenbolone ampoules for beginners and advanced athletes and bodybuilders. It is an oil solution for muscle injection and guarantees excellent results in a relatively short time.


Trenbolone complex, known in fitness circles as Parabolan, is a powerful androgen with equally strong anabolic properties. Its relatively high androgenic properties give muscles an expressive and voluminous appearance.It is an excellent preparation for a basic steroid cycle. Tren Complex 250 can also be effective on low calorie diets provided large amounts of protein are taken. It is therefore suitable for rapidly gaining lean muscle mass and increasing strength. It finds very good use in a cycle for relief, slimming and reducing subcutaneous fat. It usually provides the user with outstanding results in a relatively short period of time. The anabolic effect of parabolan is very similar to that of popular anabolics such as Testosterone or Metandienone/Dianabol, but there is one important difference: trenbolone is not converted to estrogen. Tren complex is a truly remarkable compound, as other steroids in most cases exhibit aromatization or awaken other estrogen-related problems. With Omega Meds Tren Complex, you don’t have to worry about such side effects. Despite its pronounced androgenic action, it does not aromatize and water retention and gynecomastia cannot be expected with it.

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1 ampoule, 1 packet (10 ampoule)


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