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Trenbolon GEP Steroids

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Trenoid is a trade name of Trenbolone Enanthate production of GEP – General European Pharmaceuticals. It is an anabolic steroid known in gyms as Parabolan or Tren. It is the strongest injectable anabolicol available and is not suitable for beginner users.

Trenoid has an ester enanthate attached, therefore it possesses a long acting action. It is more convenient than the fast form, acetate, because it does not require frequent injections.

Trenbolone Enanthate is a very strong androgen, with strong anabolic properties that equal those of Testosterone and Deca Duraboline. Unlike other anabolics, however, the preparation does not aromatize and is not converted to estrogen, does not retain water and there is no danger of gynecomastia.

Taking Trenoid GEP provides a hard and inflated look to the musculature, and strength increases dramatically. With it, lean muscle mass is picked up, which is quality, but if used alone, great growth cannot be expected.

Trenbolone GEP works well for both improving relief and increasing muscle mass and strength, and does so without water retention. Parabolan gives tremendous hardness to the muscles. Its high androgenic action reduces the likelihood of overtraining, speeds up recovery, muscles look inflated, and at the same time deeply contoured

Trenbolone Enanthate GEP is used in a dosage of 200-300 mg. per week. If use is up to 8 weeks no change in endogenous hormone production is observed.

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