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Trenbolon B.M. Pharma

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Effects of taking Trenbolone Enanthate

  • Increase in muscle mass: Trenbolone Enanthate is a powerful anabolic steroid that can stimulate muscle growth. It helps athletes to achieve a significant increase in muscle mass and create a stronger and more developed physical appearance;
  • Improved strength: The drug improves strength and endurance, which allows athletes to train more intensively. This contributes to improved athletic performance and new peak training results;
  • Improved muscle definition: Trenbolone Enanthate helps to reduce body fat and increase muscle definition. This creates more expressive body contours and adds definition and definition to the muscles;
  • Improved nitrogen balance: The product helps to increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, which promotes more efficient protein synthesis. This promotes muscle growth and recovery after workouts;
  • Increased endurance and recovery: Trenbolone Enanthate can increase endurance and speed up the recovery process after intense workouts. This allows athletes to train longer and more frequently, which promotes progress in the sport.

Use and dosage of Trenbolone Enanthate

It is recommended to take a minimum amount (200-400 mg per week). The duration of the course is 5-6 weeks. Longer cycles require additional administration of gonadotropin: the drug depresses the production of natural sex hormones.

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1 ampoule, 1 packet (10 ampoule)


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