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Trenbolon Alpha Pharma Trenbolin


Characteristics of Trenbolin

The chemical structure of the drug is a derivative of Nandrolone, except that Trenbolin is not subject to aromatisation. However, here we should not forget about the remaining progestagenic activity. Given the fact that the drug has a fairly long life, then to achieve the goals set, you can limit yourself to a maximum of two injections per week.

With a properly constructed course and competently selected dosage, the drug allows the athlete to get such results as:

  • Stimulation of muscle fibre growth processes;
  • Enhancement of performance and strength characteristics;
  • By accelerating the production of somatotropin, the drug also activates the process of burning fat deposits;
  • Increase in sexual desire;
  • Suppresses the production of hormones of the glucocorticoid group.

How to take Trenbolin correctly?

It is allowed to take the drug both experienced athletes and beginners, although experts highly do not recommend to start acquaintance with the preparations of sports pharmacology with this drug. It is allowed to administer this steroid no more than once per week, and the dosage should not exceed the range of 200 to 400 milligrams. In order to minimise the progestagenic activity it is worth connecting to the course of Proviron or Cabergoline.

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