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Trenblon Mix Vermodje Tri Trenaver


Tritren belongs to a group of steroid preparations that are produced in ampoule form by Vermodge. It is used when they want to quickly and effectively increase muscle volume and improve strength performance. This anabolic cocktail contains three of today’s most popular trenbolone esters: enanthate, acetate, and hexahydrobenzyl carbonate. You can easily buy each of these components separately, but according to the reviews of experienced users, all athletes without exception are very happy that our company decided to combine these three active forms into one preparation, which thanks to this combination is much more effective.

All three esters without exception have a very pronounced androgenic activity, as well as an excellent effect of stimulating the growth and development of muscle fibres. The components differ only in the duration of the half-life: the shortest is characteristic of acetate (no more than two days), and the other two ester components of this pharmacological remedy show activity for a fortnight.

Advantages of this remedy:

  • each millilitre of Tritren solution contains 200 milligrams of dry powder of the active ingredient, and each ampoule contains 10 ml, so each contains 2 grams of dry dissolved residue;
  • does not undergo aromatisation and does not cause any side effects;
  • Tritren is practically not characterised by the phenomenon of setback, as this anabolic agent does not retain fluid in the body (especially in the muscles), which means that all the mass gained by the athlete during the course is pure dry muscle;
  • this steroid preparation makes it possible not only to gain muscle mass and improve endurance and strength, but also to reduce the amount of fat deposits under the skin, which forms a beautiful muscular relief.
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