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Mixobolin-200 B.M. Pharma

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Mixobolin is the brand title of an extremely popular and helpful anabolic steroid mix that’s including Drostanolone Propionate, Testosterone Propionate, and Trenbolone Acetic acid derivation. This blend of steroids is amazingly supportive and capable and is considered one of the most excellent blends out there for cutting and solidifying purposes. This blend of steroids was made in an endeavour to spare cash as is advertised for a cheaper cost compared to getting each steroid independently, additionally the visit infusion plan can be tricky for numerous individuals.


Testosterone belongs to the class of solutions known as androgens. Mixobolin increases testosterone levels in males who suffer from clutters caused by low testosterone levels testosterone is utilized moreover to treat erectile broken. Mixobolin works by replacing testosterone that has been depleted in the body.

How to use

In men, the typical adult dose of mixobolin is 200 mg for 2 weeks and 400 mg per month maximum. A specialist administers it as an infusion into the gluteal muscle (buttocks). This pharmaceutical must be given precisely as suggested by your specialist.

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1 ampoule, 1 packet (10 ampoule)


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