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Bulk-Mix Andro Blend (Test E/Tren E/Masteron E) 400mg/mL – Apoxar



The combination of Trenbolone, Masteron, and Testosterone is not something new for an experienced bodybuilder, as it is designed to substantially improve your physique, add lean muscle and strength. Bulk Mix 400 is a compound that consists of the above-mentioned steroids in such proportions: Trenbolone Enanthate 100mg, Masteron (Drostanolone) Enanthate 100mg, and Testosterone Enanthate 200mg.

These steroids work perfectly well together, enhancing the benefits and making up for each other’s flaws. Thanks to the same long-acting ester attached to each of them, injecting only 1-2 times a week will bring about the best possible result. Besides, you won’t need to mix them up, since they are already mixed in an ideal proportion.


You’ll get numerous benefits from the use of Bulk Mix 400, because it combines three different steroids, and they all affect the body in different ways. Trenbolone is a driving force of the mixture, and it’s mainly responsible for mass gain and strength benefits. Testosterone is a base, a supporting compound, which is crucial to implement in every cycle. And Masteron, a non-aromatizing steroid, will help you lose fat as you build up mass, and most importantly, enhance the effects of Tren and Test. As you can see, these steroids work in synergy, and there’s no better choice for your bulking cycle.

Clearly, the main aim of the cycle is to help you gain muscles, but this particular mixture works to give you lean bulk without any fluid retention or fat. Let’s see what you will achieve using this compound:

  • Increased nitrogen retention and protein synthesis
  • Fast bulking
  • Muscle definition and hardened physique
  • Enhanced strength
  • Improved recovery
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